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Choosing the right helicopter flight

If you want to enjoy the joys of the flying helicopter. Then choose a helicopter flight, where you can take control of the plane and discover the mode, flight and basic manoeuvres. At the same time, you will be in control of your device, in complete safety. More informations : . Becoming a helicopter pilot in France is a procedure that costs money, but is feasible. A pilot's licence must be obtained by all men wishing to fly without military training. If you want to become a helicopter pilot, you will need to pass a pilot's licence. You will have to accumulate flying hours.

Private pilot licence

The private pilot licence is the licence held by the vast majority of pilots. It can carry passengers and travel. It is possible to travel all over the world as long as you have the language skills in the countries visited.For a helicopter initiation, contact professionals. . Like any learning, flying requires a certain investment of time, whether it is for classes or not. Accompanied training and specific qualifications, this license will allow you, if you wish, to expand your field.

Discovery internship

You can do a discovery internship, to learn more about the private pilot license. The purpose of this internship is to allow you to learn the basics of theory and piloting and to familiarize yourself with the world. At the end of your pilot discovery course, you can, if you wish, continue your training to acquire the private pilot licence.

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